free people gone global sweatshirt

Wearing one of my favorite sweatshirts of the moment today with the prettiest oversized sleeves.  I paired it with deconstructed jeans (similar here), my favorite loafers and round sunnies. Naiya is rocking the sweetest pink bow along with a sweater we scooped up from Baby Gap. So excited to have made it through my first full week back to work after maternity leave! Every day is getting a bit easier and I’m feeling a lot more like my pre-baby self.  Of course I’m still missing Naiya like crazy all day but I feel like I’m starting to find my new normal and more of a routine. 


how to wear a beret with all black everything

If you’ve been seeing berets popping up on your instagram feed recently but you’re wondering how to style one of your own without making it look too costumey, this post is for you.  I’ve had a fascination with Parisian fashion since I can remember.  As a kid, I loved sketching out dresses inspired by Parisian couture (more about that here) and as an adult, Parisian fashion continues to inspire me on a daily basis because it’s so timeless.  I haven’t actually worn a beret in years but today I decided to style my outfit around a simple black one for some extra je ne sais quoi. 


turbans for tots

Last week was my first week going back to work since having Naiya and it was so surreal. As excited as I was to actually get dressed, find my professional self again and have adult conversations that didn’t involve poop and spit-up, leaving Naiya was undoubtably hard.  Since Naiya and I had not been apart since she was born for more than a few hours at a time, saying goodbye to her for the whole day cold turkey felt like such a big step! I was mostly nervous because she still hadn’t learned how to take a bottle and I wasn’t sure if she would be able to eat the entire day without me there to nurse her (cue the new mom guilt and tears!). 


Since having Naiya, I’ve been on a quest to do a full denim refresh on my closet. Throughout the last few months of my pregnancy, even maternity pants didn’t feel comfortable.  Instead, I wore flowy dresses on repeat (definitely to a fault) and I stared at my high-waisted jeans longingly, wondering on the daily if I’d ever be able to wear them again. Postpartum, I’ve become so excited to add pants back into my wardrobe and I’ve been loving all of the new cuts I can finally wear.  From cropped to wide legged and straight legged to raw hems, I’m rounding up some of my favorites today for your shopping pleasure.


winter hat with pom pom, wide legged cropped pants, red moto jacket, black turtleneck

Today’s outfit combines a few of my favorite wardrobe staples of the moment: red moto jackets, wide-legged pants and turtlenecks.  As a petite girl (I’m 5″4 on a good day!), I stayed away from wide legged pants for a while because I thought they would drown me and possibly make me look shorter.  That said, I recently dipped a toe in with these patterned ones (similar here and here) and I loved them so much, I’m now I am filling up my closet with more.  It turns out that high-waisted wide legged pants actually elongate petite frames–especially when paired with a nude heel. They also look great on all different body types because they cinch right at the tiniest part of your waist and they add volume to your lower-half in a good way.