It’s no secret that I have big hair–I’ve had it my whole life.  I even earned the nickname “short puff” back in middle school when I used to wear my curls in a giant poof on top of my head because I did not yet know how to properly tame them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate my curls so much more (thanks to hair products that keep the curls in check!). I love that curly girls are able to get the best of both worlds: we can wear our #bighairdontcare loud and proud and we can also switch it up to get blow-outs that leave us with silkier locks (which often have lots of volume!). I’m always on a quest for styling tools that help me to keep my hair healthy and looking as good as possible so naturally, I’ve fallen completely in love with a line of products that does just that.


Since having Naiya, I’ve been lucky enough to be on maternity leave from work. This has been one of the biggest transitions of my life because I was so used to moving a million miles per minute, working around the clock and I loved putting thought into my outfits each day. While I’ve been home with Naiya, I’ve completely surprised myself in being able to embrace the slower-pace of mom life.  Naiya has become my ultimate focus and while parenthood is hands-down the hardest job I’ve ever had, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more fulfilled or happy.


Over the past eleven weeks, I’ve learned so much more from nursing (or at least trying to nurse!) than I ever could have imagined. Nursing has taught me more about patience, perseverance and how best to combat and endure pain than almost anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. Prior to Naiya’s birth, I don’t think I ever realized just how incredibly challenging it is for so many women to nurse their babies.  For this reason, I figured I’d share my own nursing story in hopes that it might help other moms and moms-to-be out there know that they’re not alone if they’re struggling too. 


This zip-up cardigan was the first thing I bought on my first hour-long shopping trip with a friend after having Naiya. I had been going through major shopping withdrawal (not to mention I’d been going completely stir-crazy stuck at home for so many weeks!) as I continued to heal from my c-section. We popped into Free People because it was the closest clothing store to my house and I so badly wanted to be able to shop but also get back to feed Naiya quickly. 


While I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe how much I missed high-waisted skirts and pants! At first, as my bump started to grow, it wasn’t that big of a deal (I was all about comfy maxi dresses around the clock) but towards months eight and nine, I remember staring at this particular skirt in my closet wondering if it would ever fit again. I’m so thankful to be able to wear it again post-baby and I’m having so much fun styling it with so many different tops this fall.