Since she was born, Naiya has always loved to be held.  This is great in that we’ve gotten a lot of extra cuddle time in but of course this also gets completely exhausting–especially as she continues to get heavier!  Likewise, since Naiya was a few weeks old, I’ve been experimenting with baby carriers (more in this recent post) that help me to go hands free with her.  The tank I’m wearing today is one of the most user-friendly carriers I’ve tried so far and I’m so happy I did. 


Naiya and I have had the best time visiting family in upstate New York this week. I can’t believe we already head back tomorrow!  I’ll be flying solo with her this time around so wish me luck–I have no idea what to expect! Temps here have been in the 20’s and 30’s but I’ve really enjoyed it; there’s something so refreshing about wintery weather during the holiday season.  That said, excited to get back to a much warmer LA so that I can wear more outfits like this without freezing.  


Happy December! How did this year fly by so quickly? Naiya turned three months old yesterday and it felt like such an accomplishment. Month three was the first month where Phil and I started to feel like ourselves again. The first couple months of Naiya’s life are still a total blur and finding a semblance of a routine this month has been so rewarding. 


When Phil and I originally booked our plane tickets back east for Thanksgiving, we had no idea what to expect. We knew Naiya would be just shy of three months old by that time and we were worried she would cry the whole flight and disrupt the passengers around us. We’ve all sat near screaming babies on flights and the thought of being “those” people with the crying baby felt so nerve-racking! Then Phil and I realized there is no time like the present to practice traveling with Naiya.  As avid travelers, we figured it would be helpful to make sure we felt confident about flying with her as early as possible so that we would know almost any trip would be possible with her in the future. 


I hope everyone had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great time celebrating on the east coast with family. A few days before the holiday, we flew into Manhattan to spend a couple of days exploring the city and visiting friends before heading upstate for turkey day.  We were really nervous to fly with Naiya for the first time–mainly because we had no idea how she would react on the plane.  She’s not a good napper and always wants to be held and walked around–neither of which work well for travel.