Earthlingrelish-1-26_34earthlingerica clumrelish-1-26_58relish-1-26_86Earthlingrelish-1-26_84relish-1-26_87 relish-1-26_3relish-1-26_32shadesrelish-1-26_12earthlingrelish-1-26_2ringserica clumTHE LOOK: JCrew Black Sweater (Click here for an Extra 40% off with Code “BYEWINTER”) / Earthling Rib Bone Bracelet / Earthling Cigar Band Ring / Earthling Bone Cuff / Earthling Shark Tooth Cuff / Vintage Skirt (Similar Here:) Faith Connexion / Marc By Marc Bolt Studded Earrings / Rebecca Minkoff Orange Mini Mac / Rag and Bone Harrow Booties / Pink Wildfox Sunnies / Club Monaco Leather Jacket

This week, my fabulous photographer, Alexandra Lee Nurthern and I, had the pleasure of spending some time with Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Erica Clum (the blonde woman pictured above).  Erica is the truly gifted artist behind Earthling Jewelry, a line that I have not been able to take my eyes off of for weeks now.  Erica is an upstate New York transplant like myself and I love that her pieces really do have an east coast, nature-inspired vibe.  Her studio space, “Gold Mine,” really echoed this vibe too–with antlers mounted all over the walls and an overall zen vibe.

Erica started her Earthling line about five years ago because she found the art of jewelry-making to be cathartic and a great release.  Growing up, her father was an avid hunter and he would constantly bring back game to the house.  At a young age, Erica became fascinated with both nature and the beauty of animal bones and antlers in general. Somewhere along the way, she began casting different animal bones and stones from nature into beautiful works of wearable art.

Today, Erica’s line is comprised of all different types of bronze jewelry casts–from beautiful bangles like one of my personal favorites, the Earthling Rib Bone Bracelet–to rings like her Earthling Cigar Band Ring.  Erica’s Earthling Bone Cuff, which I am also wearing above, contains casts of herkimer diamonds from a mine in upstate New York that she and I both happened to go to as kids.  Herkimer Diamond Mine is basically a giant quarry where anyone can come in with various tools to “mine” for quartz crystals that look very much like diamonds.  In the end, you’re able to keep whatever crystals you find, so as a kid, I thought this was one of the greatest places on earth.  I love that Erica actually uses her childhood pastimes like this as inspiration for her line. Today, I’m rocking a bunch of her pieces and I highly recommend that you do too.  Visit Earthling Jewelry and be prepared to treat yourself.  Call it an early Valentine’s Day gift–you know you deserve it!

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